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strategic priorities

Case studies

    ‘On Track’ Rail App

    Govia's rail app 'On Track' is considered one of the best rail journey-planning apps in the UK, providing customers with the ability to look up train times, buy rail tickets and find out exactly how rail services are running - to the minute.


    Access for All

    A truly public transport service should be accessible by as many people as possible. We recognise that different passengers have different needs, whether they're passengers using wheelchairs or mobility scooters, those who have difficulty walking, are pregnant or are travelling with young children.


    Driving Energy Further

    Driving Energy Further is our industry leading carbon reduction programme, where tough targets, combined with sustained action, is making a real difference to the environment.


    Engineering Excellence

    Southeastern’s award winning 50,000 page Wikipedia site was developed and built by the company’s engineering team.


    Greener Trains

    The vast majority of Govia's carbon emissions result from traction electricity used to power electric train fleets.


    Listening to our people

    Communicating with staff is key to making Govia companies a great place to work.


    On Train Metering

    Realising the benefit of monitoring traction electricity usage.


    Smartcards and marketing

    Govia continues to invest in making sure we remain at the forefront of the transport industry and will keep looking for smarter ways to improve the service we offer customers to make it as easy as possible for them to travel with us.


    Social media

    Govia is leading the way as a transport company embracing social media. Twitter and Facebook are widely used across our rail companies to keep passengers updated with service-running information and latest product and ticket offers. Social media platforms also enable our passengers to exchange information and views about our services.