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To run our companies in a safe, socially and environmentally responsible way

We believe a sustainable public transport network is essential to the future of any society and as a leading provider of passenger transport services, sustainability is integral to the way we run our franchises. Ensuring the safety of our passengers and our people is an absolute priority for us. We are also committed to making a contribution to the communities in which we operate and wider society. Reducing the environmental impact of our operations while providing a greener alternative to the private car contributes to the Government's environmental targets.

Case studies

    Driving Energy Further

    Driving Energy Further is our industry leading carbon reduction programme, where tough targets, combined with sustained action, is making a real difference to the environment.


    Greener Trains

    The vast majority of Govia's carbon emissions result from traction electricity used to power electric train fleets.


    On Train Metering

    Realising the benefit of monitoring traction electricity usage.